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[Goo Hara Sex Tape Leak Shock] The police finished restoring data from Choi Jong Bum's cell phone

The police have finished restoring data from Goo Hara's ex-boyfriend's cell phone.

The female k-pop star accused his ex-boyfriend Choi Jong Bum of threatening to leak a sex tape with her in it on September 27, 2018. And on October 2, the police raided the hair designer's home and car, securing evidences such as his cell phone and USB. The police also received the "sex video" from Goo Hara, which had been sent from the ex-boyfriend to the idol star.

On October 12, the police finally finished restoring data from the cell phone. The police analyzed the video and are investigating whether he actually threatened to leak the sex tape. Both Goo Hara and Choi Jong Bum will be called in to investigation soon. The truth will be revealed, and one or both of them will be punished according to the law.

You know, according to Goo Hara, her ex-boyfriend threatened to upload footage of their intimate moments on the web as revenge porn following their 30-minute fight. During the fight, Goo Hara got bruises all over her body, while the hair designer had scars on her face. Even though his lawyer stated that there were no such threats made and that filming the sex tape was Goo Hara’s idea to begin with, the statement doesn't sound so reliable because the ex-boyfriend had contacted Dispatch and suggested that he has information worthy of spoiling her reputation, passing on his number. And Goo Hara was seen in a CCTV grab, on her knees, pleading to Choi Jong Bum to reconsider his threat.


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