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Employees' Honest Evaluation of SM, YG and JYP

Comments by SM employees

"All flash and no substance. The company is only for its artists"

"You can win recognition there. But you don't have enough time to learn there. You have to prove your ability right away"

"Big company, but insufficient system"

"Working for the biggest kpop company certainly is something to be proud of"

"SM's company culture is more conservative than expected"

Comments by YG employees

"It's worth working for YG. I'm stimulated by lots of things there"

"People work so much but they get too little pay"

"Self-regulating and active. But Freedom carries responsibility"

"There are no advantages except for its cafeteria"

"It's like dictatorship. Without the CEO, all the projects could be stopped"

Comments by JYP employees

"JYP respects its artists. But I'm not sure it respects its employees too"

"People in there are really good. But the salary is really low"

"There are always lots of work to do"

"Due to lack of human resources, employees should work overtime at night"

"JYP follows ethical standard, and all the people in there are good"


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