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[Kpop Romance Based on a True Story] You're Beautiful - Chapter 4. Emotion

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BMB was becoming increasingly popular. BMB members held their exclusive concert just a year after their debut at the Gocheok Sky Dome, the largest indoor concert venue in Korea. And Minho, who was enjoying great popularity at home and abroad as the boy group’s member distinguished himself in many different fields. He made an appearance on various TV shows, and he starred in some TV advertisements. And he had been cast as the main character in the drama “My Princess” too. The drama was a romantic drama, while actress Jin Seohyun had been cast to play opposite Minho.

On the first day of shooting, Jin Seohyun came near Minho and sat next to him after finishing filming all the scenes for the day.

“Hey, Minho. You did great today” said Jin Seohyun, smiling benignly.

“You did great too. Please teach me a lot because it’s my first time to play the title role” Minho smiled at her.

“Oh, I’m not in a position to teach you. I’m still lacking in many things. By the way, why don’t we go and have a drink together? You know, it’s the first day of shooting, and I think we need to get close with each other as soon as possible” said Jin Seohyun, touching him on the shoulder.

Jin Seohyun was seducing him. The actress was beautiful and was very popular among people, but she was infamous for her disorderly private life. She had dated all the actors she acted with, and she thought of seducing celebrities as a game.

Minho hadn’t heard of the rumors, but he wisely extricated himself from the unpleasant situation.

“Thanks for your suggestion, but I have to go because of my dancing practice” said Minho, leaving his seat.

It was a shock to Jin Seohyun because it was her first time to be refused by a man.

“He must have a girl he likes. Or he must be a gay” She stared at Minho’s back in anger for a while.

"He must be a gay" Jin Seohyun stared at Minho's back in anger


Minjoo was spending busy days. She took part in recordings of various k-pop chart shows, and she visited a variety of festivals all around Korea to perform there. Even though it was never easy for her to manage a series of tight schedules, she was grateful for everything and she did her best all the time.

It was a day for the recording of “Show! K-pop Bank”. Minjoo and the other Lovey Girls members got to the broadcasting company 5 hours before the broadcast of the show to participate in the rehearsal. Chattering to each other, the girls headed to their waiting room. Just then, Pinkish members were walking toward them from the end of the corridor. Pinkish was Fish Entertainment’s rookie girl group, and Pinkish was receiving a lot of attention because of the fact that the team was the big k-pop agency’s first ever girl group in 3 years. Hyejin, Soyoung, Minhee and Kyungjoo, who had been trained with Minjoo were members of the girl group, while Amy, who joined them after Minjoo was kicked out of Fish Entertainment belonged to the team too.

“Hi, long time no see” Minjoo said hello to Pinkish members even though she felt a little awkward doing it.

“Hey, Minjoo! Glad to meet you. How have you been? You look great” said Soyoung, with a big smile.

Minhee and Kyungjoo hugged Minjoo with the delight of seeing each other after so long, and Minjoo was so pleased to meet her old friends. But, Hyejin was just standing there, with a sour face.

“Hey” Hyejin began to talk, giving Minjoo a hostile glare.

“Don’t you think you have to say sorry to us first?” Hyejin looked angry, and the atmosphere became frigid.

“Our debut has been delayed because of you. Because you made trouble and you were kicked out of the team, we had to wait until a new member joined the team. Don’t you feel sorry for us?”

Minjoo wanted to contradict what Hyejin said, but she couldn’t say anything because she thought it was true that she caused harm to them.
After looking hard at Minjoo, Hyejin entered her waiting room, slamming the door shut. Soyoung, Minhee and Kyungjoo said goodbye to Minjoo awkwardly and entered the waiting room.

“Who on earth is that? Did she bully you when you were in Fish Entertainment? Do you want me to give her something to cry about? Just tell me” said Soyun, glaring at the door Hyejin slammed.

“Just never mind. Let’s go. We have to hurry to begin rehearsal on time” said Minjoo, giving a deep sigh and stepping towards her waiting room.

"Don't you feel sorry for us?" Hyejin yelled at Minjoo


Minjoo arrived at the set of “My Princess”. She went there to make a cameo appearance in the drama. She was so nervous since it was her first ever drama appearance. Even though she was just a rookie idol, she could get the valuable opportunity thanks to Park Donghoon. The k-pop producer was acquainted with the producer of the drama, and he asked the producer for a chance.

At the drama set, Minjoo could see Minho filming the drama. He looked like a real actor. Minjoo envied and was proud of him at the same time.

“Minjoo, I was told that you were coming here” said Minho, approaching Minjoo after finishing filming his scene.

“Hey, Minho. Look at you, you look like a real actor” said Minjoo, waving her hand.

“No, I still have a long way to go to become a real actor. Anyway, don’t be so nervous and try to relax. You’ll do fine” Minho tried to reassure Minjoo, smiling at her.

Minjoo’s role in the drama was a girl who liked Minho. The shooting began soon, and Minho and Minjoo faced each other.

“I love you. Can’t you see my heart for you? I’ve loved you since I met you for the first time” Minjoo spoke her lines, trying to immerse herself into the character.

Looking into Minjoo’s clear eyes, Minho thought, “How I wish it happened in real life”. But in the drama, he had to coldly refuse her proposal because Jin Seohyun was the leading actress of the drama and he had to create a love line with the actress.

The shooting was quite successful. Even though it was the first time for Minjoo to act, she played her part well, and the producer of the drama praised her, saying “Minjoo, you did great. You have a lot of potential, and I’m sure that you’ll be able to become a competent actress someday”.

After finishing filming their scene and having some kind of discussion with the producer about the scene, Minho and Minjoo met again.

“I was so nervous. I felt my legs tremble while I was acting” said Minjoo, breathing a sigh of relief.

“Just like the producer said, you did really great. I think you’re much better than me. You may be cast for the leading role of a new drama soon” said Minho, smiling brightly.

“No, don't make me blush” Minjoo smiled bashfully.

Minho loved her bashful smile, and he couldn’t take his eyes off her.

Meanwhile, Jin Seohyun was watching the whole situation from a distance. She could feel Minho’s heart for Minjoo, and she was exasperated by the situation.

“Did you reject me because of the girl? A rookie idol who is not famous at all? You’ll see, Minho. You hurt my pride, and you’ll have to pay a price for it”


“How did the shoot go?” asked Soyun. Minjoo and Soyun were taking a rest at their dormitory, watching TV.

“I was very nervous, but I think I did just fine. I was praised by the producer” said Minjoo.

“Oh, really? That’s great. I knew you could do it. By the way, how was it like acting together with Minho? Didn’t he bully you? You know, like the girl, Hyejin did?” asked Soyun, with a concerned look.

“No, he’s not the type of person. You saw him in the corridor of the broadcasting company before, right? He’s always kind to me. He helped me a lot”

Minjoo thought of the moment when she acted with Minho. And the moment when Minho said he believed her in the corridor of the broadcasting company. Before and after her debut, Minho was about the only person who was always kind to her. He was totally different from those calculating people such as Daniel Lee and Giho. Only then could she realize how well Minho treated her.

“Wait, are you thinking of him now? Don’t tell me you fell in love with him” Soyun stared at Minjoo with wide eyes.

“No, he’s really kind, and he’s cute, but… I don’t know”

“He’s really kind and cute but you don’t know? Oh my god, you’re already in love. Hey, what makes you hesitate? Because of Giho? Because of his uncle Daniel Lee? Just forget about the hideous people. Just follow your heart. Didn’t Minho ask you to go out with him?”

“No, and he won’t. You know, I’m not the one who deserves someone’s love” said Minjoo, with a sigh.

“What the hell are you saying? You’re pretty, and you deserve much love. Don’t blame yourself” said Soyun, placing a hand on Minjoo’s shoulder.

“Well, I don’t know. I need to go to sleep, anyway. I have to get up early tomorrow”

Minjoo headed to her room, depressed, and Soyun couldn’t say any more.


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