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Korean artists’ comments about GD

Kim Eana (lyric writer)
“I'm inspired by G-Dragon and Tablo. Lyrics writers have rules about spacing words, but GD himself brakes the rules and creates a brand new style. I'm absolutely inspired by such a style. And Tablo usually uses literary words even though most of lyric writers write in a colloquial style to make their lyrics rhythmical. The surprising thing is that Tablo uses literary words but his lyrics are very rhythmical”.

BewhY (rapper)
“When I was a middle school student, I really liked BIGBANG’s music. I became interested in music because of BIGBANG even though I became interested in hip hop for another reason. And I thought I wanted to have a great stage name just like G-Dragon. So, I quoted initial of my real name Lee Byung Yoon and used BY for my stage name. However, I wanted to give a meaning to the name and decided to use BewhY. Rapper C Jamm helped me when I decided on the stage name”.

One (rapper)
“My role model is G-Dragon, of course. I think he is the coolest, and I’m inspired by him”.

"We really like BIGBANG, and the great group is our role model. We wanted to go to their concert but we failed to get a ticket for it”.

Rocky of ASTRO
"My role model is BIGBANG’s G-Dragon. He always shows great performance, and I’m trying really hard to become a great singer like him”.

"BIGBANG is a trend setter, and it’s very impressive that all the members are the best in their fields. We want to learn a lot from them”.

"BIGBANG is an object of admiration to us. They show powerful performance, and their stage presence is like nothing we’ve ever seen before”.

Kwon Hyunbin (PRODUCE 101)
“My role model is G-Dragon. I’m sure he’s a role model of all the young k-pop idols. He’s one of a kind”.

Subin of VICTON
“G-Dragon is my role model. Even though he is a top star, he’s always polite and humble. And of course, he’s really gorgeous. I dreamed of becoming a k-pop singer watching BIGBANG’s performance.

Jungkook of BTS
“I began to dream of becoming a k-pop idol after listening to G-Dragon’s Heartbreaker. I’ve been admiring him for a long time”.

“I’ve been to G-Dragon’s concert, and it was really impressive. He was alone on stage but the large stadium was filled with so many people. I want to become a singer who can draw such many people”.

BamBam of GOT7
“My role model is G-Dragon because he’s not only a great musician but also a fashionista. I love his music, and I love his voice. Most of all, he has his own musical characteristics”.

Lee Soohyuk (model)
“G-Dragon is my friend since he was a trainee. I’ve known him for a long time, and I can confidently say that he’s hot stuff. And there’s a lot I can learn from him. He is a person of distinct individuality, and he has swagger. Even though I’m a model, I can never copy his style”.


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