Kpop Secret (Full Edition) is released!

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[Korean Stars' Real Personality] Hyeri

Do you like Girl's Day’s Hyeri? Well, I think all the k-pop lovers like her. She's pretty, lovely, lively and cheerful. By the way, she was once not that popular among k-pop journalists. Aren't you surprised? Well, journalists usually like obedient and affable stars because such stars answer questions very well. They give long, detailed and sincere answers. However, Hyeri was not a person of that type, at least in front of journalists. That's why many journalists didn't like her.

However, here's the truth. She was just not used to be interviewed and didn't want to flatter the journalists. In addition, she has been too busy in recent years. The idol star filmed countless commercials, and she had to promote Girl's Day's songs too. The tight schedule has totally worn her out and she even didn't have energy to talk much when she was interviewed.

Actually, she's a very cheerful person just like her character in her drama “Reply 1988.” She gets on well with her colleagues, and she enjoys having a joke with them. She laughs a lot just like ordinary young girls. Some of my acquaintances were at the filming spot of "Reply 1988", and all of them said Hyeri was very kind and friendly to people around her. Oh, her relationship with journalists? As I said, she was just not used to be interviewed and she was completely exhausted due to her tight schedules. She became a great interviewee and she has a good relationship with the press now.


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