Kpop Secret (Full Edition) is released!

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[Korean Stars' Real Personality] Girls' Generation Yoona

Girls' Generation's Yoona is a good-natured person and has a sweet heart. When I saw her at a drinking party and press conference, she laughed readily and was so kind to people around her. Since I began my career as a k-pop journalist, I’ve never met anyone who speaks ill of her. There has been no bad rumors about her, while it is a very rare case that a k-pop idol star who debuted 10 years ago still has no enemies.

Check out what SM Entertainment's former trainee Jang Ha Jin commented about Yoona.

When I saw Yoona for the first time, I was so surprised at how beautiful she was. She was only 15, but she was tall and looked like a Barbie doll. Her skin was a little bit dark, and she was a girl of exotic charm. Her face was really small and her eyes were shining. Furthermore, she had lovely dimples when she smiled. 

I thought she was a good-natured beauty. She was tenderhearted by nature and never used bad words. She was totally unselfish and always thought of others before herself. I've never seen her angry looks for 3 years. She was not greedy but always accomplished her given tasks. And she was mischievous and funny too. She was an easy-going person and sometimes imitated comedians. She was a tonic for others.


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