Kpop Secret (Full Edition) is released!

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Korean artists’ comments about BTS

Jung Yonghwa of CNBLUE
"BTS members are really good-hearted. Even though they have already become very popular, they're still kind. And I'm sure they make great efforts day and night because their dance moves are so great".

Ong Sungwoo of Wanna One
"BTS and EXO are like a textbook to us. We've learned a lot from them, and it's an honor to hold our debut concert at the Gocheok Sky Dome, the biggest indoor concert place in Korea where BTS and EXO held their concerts".

Park Jihoon of Wanna One
"BTS has a great teamwork, and a notable thing about the group is that each member shows their own personality on stage. They’re really talented, and I’m sure they know what their fans want".

"We were inspired by BTS’ performance, and we’ve learned a lot from the team. Their group dance is very powerful and sexy. They’re full of charm".

"We want to be like BTS. They look more gorgeous than on TV, and watching their performance, we could learn and feel a lot".

"We’ve been big fans of BTS since we were trainees. BTS is our role model because the team has a great teamwork".

"We’ve done a cover dance for BTS’ “Dope”, and we were almost exhausted even though we didn’t sing. The song gave us no rest, and we had to keep moving. We realized how great BTS members are".

Shindong of Super Junior
"When I watched BTS’ performance for the first time, I was fascinated by it. I even called BTS members to praise them".

Kim Eana (lyric writer)
"BTS is one of the best idol groups who write their own songs. Their works are outstanding by anyone's standards".

"All the k-pop idols make efforts, but BTS is one of a kind. When they danced at a rehearsal, they made their utmost efforts to show better performance. I don’t know if their bones are ok. They’re truly remarkable, and I’m sure they will be loved by many people for a long time".

MC Meta (hip hop musician)
"BTS’ firm tones and confident flows are really impressive. I can feel their passion for hip hop".

Seo Taiji
"BTS has a native talent on music. But that’s not all. The members are incredibly diligent too".

Taeyeon of Girls’ Generation
"I like BTS because the group possesses a certain masculine grace. They do what only they can do".


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