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The great Seungri proves his worth as a mature musician and person

BIGBANG's Seungri has recently made a comeback with his new solo album "The Great Seungri". Are you enjoying listening to the album? The album is good. The album has a total of 9 tracks including the title track "1, 2, 3!", and through the album, the experienced k-pop idol star displayed his ability as a competent musician. Some might say the result is below expectations because "1, 2, 3!" isn't ranked very high on various music charts, but it's ok. Seungri, who had participated in writing all the unique songs, certainly proved his great musicality, showing that he's different from other ordinary young k-pop idols.

You know, he is not a teenage idol any more. The experienced k-pop star did great, and I'm sure many of young k-pop idols felt and learned a lot from his new album.

What impresses me most about Seungri is that he is the one who always tries to overcome all the hardships and limitations. He is one of the most popular k-pop stars, of course, but think about it. In his team, BIGBANG, there are so many outstanding musicians. The team has G-Dragon, TOP, Taeyang and Daesung. All of them are well known for their outstanding talents, and they have been enjoying great popularity all over the world. In this situation, Seungri felt inferior, as he said several times. However, he didn't fall into despair. He did his best to be a fully qualified BIGBANG member. He studied languages and expanded his business. Now? No other BIGBANG members can speak foreign languages as well as him, and no other BGIBANG members are as successful businessmen as him.

And after all the other members' enlistment, Seungri, the only member who can communicate with their fans and deliver their message to the fans, has been doing his best to do what he has to do as the only member left.

Seungri is well known as a cheerful and funny guy. But what most of people don't know is that he is a very mature and responsible person. He always does his best as an idol star and CEO. And the responsible guy, who has usually been protected by his older BIGBANG brothers, is now doing many things for the brothers and the team. One of them is his solo album release, and I'm sure all the fans who have great longing for the 4 BIGBANG members can be consoled by the album. Seungri's brothers must be thankful for what their little brother is doing.

"The great Seungri" is doing great, and the 12th-year k-pop singer is now a guiding star to lots of young k-pop idols. He not only thinks about his career and himself but also cares about people around him and his company. And of course, he has become very mature as a musician, too. You know, he proved it through his new solo album.

Check out what the thoughtful man recently talked about BIGBANG and his fans.

I debuted as a member of BIGBANG when I was very young, and I could enjoy great popularity. And of course, for the last 10 years, I've made big money, too. During the next 10 years, I want to give all the love back to our fans. That's why I'm looking forward to the moment when all the BIGBANG members get together again.


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