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SHINee's strong sense of responsibility towards their fans and Jonghyun

SHINee's coming back. The boy group will release its new album "The Story of Light" EP.1 on May 28, and it will be followed by another two albums EP.2 and EP.3. It is uncommon for k-pop idol groups to release their new albums in such a way, but SHINee members planned the very special project for their 10 year anniversary celebration. SHINee will release a total of 3 title tracks "Good Evening", "I Want You" and "Our Page" through the special project, and the team will be active on various k-pop TV shows for about 6 weeks.

SHINee is one of the most successful k-pop idol groups, and it's natural that the boy group celebrates the 10th anniversary of its debut. You know, all the other famous k-pop idol groups such as BIGBANG and Girls' Generation have completed special projects for their 10 year anniversary celebration.

By the way, what makes SHINee's project all the more special is that the members feel a strong sense of responsibility towards their fans and Jonghyun and are now devoting full attention to preparing for the project. You know, Jonghyun, who had suffered from severe depression, died on December 18, 2017. I know many fans are still in deep sorrow.

Can you imagine how SHINee members feel then? They are still in deep sorrow, of course, but as we all know, they've been doing what they should do as SHINee. The 4 members have successfully finished their concert held in Japan in February, and they're now preparing for their special comeback. The members, who were deeply wounded by Jonghyun's death, need some time to rest, but they're working hard as they used to because they know that's what they should do for themselves, their fans, and Jonghyun.

That's why the 4 great k-pop stars are putting everything into their new songs. They hope to release their best ever album, and they also hope to prove they can do it without Jonghyun because they know that's what Jonghyun wants. According to people around them, they're very very focused now.

Even though Jonghyun, a great k-pop singer, is now with them any more, I'm sure the 4 members will do great. You know, they've proved their outstanding ability and talent again and again for the last 10 years. I just can't wait for their comeback.

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