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Kang Daniel proves people are wrong

Wanna One is certainly creating a sensation in the k-pop world. The handsome 11 members, who once were trainees of "PRODUCE 101 Season 2", are enjoying huge popularity, captivating lots of k-pop fans' hearts.

Then, who do you think is the most popular among the 11 members? Yeah, it's Kang Daniel, who is the winner of "PRODUCE 101 Season 2". He has made advertising contracts with various brands, and he's been receiving love calls from a variety of TV shows. No doubt, he is now the most influential and popular young k-pop star.

By the way, do you know many k-pop agencies were reluctant to make their trainees appear in the second season of "PRODUCE 101" at first?

I.O.I, a girl group which was produced by the first season of "PRODUCE 101", made a one-year contract with Mnet. However, when Mnet was planning for the second season of the audition program, the broadcasting company wanted to extend the contract period. It's because it could be more profitable to the broadcasting company, and that's why the period of the contract between Mnet and Wanna One is longer than that of the contract between Mnet and I.O.I.

In this situation, as I mentioned, k-pop agencies were reluctant to make their trainees appear in the program because they wanted to bring their trainees back to them as soon as possible. Some people in the k-pop industry even thought a trainee who ranked 12th place could be the real winner of the program because he could go back to his agency and make an official debut after receiving great attention in the second season of "PRODUCE 101".

However, yeah, Kang Daniel, who's creating a sensation in the k-pop world, proved they're wrong. No doubt, he is the real winner of "PRODUCE 101 Season 2", and what's important to recognize is that it's just beginning. He will go back to his agency some time, and he will make another sensational debut. He's only 22 now, and there's a good chance that the young k-pop king will rule the k-pop world for years. The handsome star will be active as an actor too.

People in the k-pop industry say that his good personality and manners on top of his handsome appearance and attractive smile made him a young super star. They also say that they expected him to be very popular but his popularity exceeds their expectations. Well, it certainly is Kang Daniel's era, and the era will last for the time being.


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