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Seungri shows great responsibility as a member of BIGBANG

On March 13, BIGBANG's Seungri posted his message on his instagram. He said "Daesung joined the army today and I will too after finishing all the planned schedules to make a comeback as BIGBANG as early as possible. Please enjoy our new song "Flower Road", and we'll be always there just like the lyrics of the song. Thank you and I love you. From BIGBANG's maknae Seungri".

Well, you may think it's just the k-pop idol star's expression of gratitude for his fans, but it is not.

Seungri is a very cheerful and frank person, and he has been active in various fields of the entertainment industry. He is a good talker and he is a very outgoing person. However, when he's with his older BIGBANG brothers, especially when they're interviewed by reporters backstage, he doesn't usually talk much. That's because he is the youngest and he knows what he has to do as the youngest member of his team. Instead, G-Dragon, who seems to be a little bit quiet on TV, talks much when they're interviewed. That's because he is the leader of the team and he is in charge of what BIGBANG members do.

However, you know, all the BIGBANG members, G-Dragon, TOP, Taeyang and Daesung, have joined the army, and Seungri is the only member left. Seungri is now the only member who can communicate with their fans and deliver their message to the fans.

So, in this situation, Seungri is trying to do what he has to do as the only member left. He has appeared in TV shows such as "Live Alone" and "My Little Old Boy" to entertain BIGBANG fans and inform that BIGBANG's career is not over. And he has posted a message about BIGBANG's enlistment to relieve their fans' anxiety and inform that the members will be always there.

Seungri is well known as a cheerful and funny guy. But what most of people don't know is that he is a very responsible person. He always does his best as an idol star and CEO. And the responsible guy, who has usually been protected by his older BIGBANG brothers, is now doing many things for the brothers and the team. Well, his brothers must be thankful for what their little brother is doing.


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