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PD of "Hyori's Guesthouse" tells the difference between Yoona and IU

The first episode of "Hyori's Guesthouse 2" was broadcast on February 4. Did you enjoy watching the program? As a new worker of the guesthouse, Girls' Generation's Yoona made an appearance on the program and certainly did a good job. Thanks to the pretty female star's impressive performance, "Hyori's Guesthouse 2" got off to a fine start with the highest ratings ever at 9.1 percent of the total viewing audience.

By the way, didn't you see any difference between Yoona and IU, the former worker of the guesthouse? Well, the producer of "Hyori's Guesthouse 2" recently talked about the difference between the two female stars. Check out what the producer said.

It was Yoona's first time to visit Lee Hyori's house, but she became close with Lee Hyori and Lee Sangsoon very quickly because she was such a sociable girl. She had to do lots of things before the guesthouse opened, though. Anyway, I felt the difference between Yoona and IU. IU was quiet and was a little bit afraid of strangers. However, Yoona is very cheerful and sociable. She is affable to everybody. Of course, both of them are great people, but you'll see the difference between the two female stars through the program.


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