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Will YG treat iKON better in 2018?

iKON is coming back. The 7-member group will release its new song "Love Scenario" on January 25. Are you looking forward to the talented boy group's comeback?

As all the k-pop fans know well, iKON has not been very active in the Korean music market even though the team has been receiving great attention as the boy group of YG Entertainment, one of the biggest k-pop agencies. iKON's upcoming new album will be the group's first new album in 2 years. That's why iKON's fans have expressed much anger toward Yang Hyun Suk.

iKON's long hiatus in the Korean music market was basically due to Yang Hyun Suk's greed. When iKON debuted in 2015, the members held their debut concert at the Olympic Park’s Olympic Gymnastics Arena, the biggest indoor concert stadium in Korea, which was very exceptional. And in 2016, iKON debuted in the Japanese music market. iKON achieved all the things in just a few months, while even BIGBANG, the most successful team of YG had to work hard for years to do such things.

Why do you think Yang Hyun Suk was in such a hurry? It's because he wanted to show that iKON was the next BIGBANG and the team could surpass BIGBANG.

It's true iKON won success in the Japanese music market, but their problem was that they were too hasty. Even though iKON gained popularity in Japan, the group was not regarded as one of the most popular young boy groups in Korea because the team has not been very active in the Korean music market. And you know, fans' complaints have thrived.

In this situation, yeah, YG announced that iKON is going to make a comeback, stating, "iKON will focus on their various activities in Korea in 2018".

So the question is, will YG treat better in 2018? The answer is yes. Yang Hyun Suk recognizes the fact that iKON is less popular in Korea than expected, and he also knows many fans are dissatisfied with how he treated iKON. Moreover, he doesn't have much time because all the BIGBANG members will join the army soon and he has to make iKON a super star before their enlistment.

Anyway, I'm looking forward to iKON's comeback too, and I hope the members will entertain so many fans who have been waiting for them for a long time.


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