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The truth about Jung Yong Hwa's illicit entrance into Kyunghee University’s graduate school

It was a shocking news. It was revealed that CNBLUE's Jung Yong Hwa, who is considered as one of the most good-hearted k-pop idols has cheated his way into Kyunghee University’s graduate school. Even though FNC Entertainment, home to the idol star explained that he didn't have any intention of cheating his way into his PhD, he is receiving a lot of public criticism.

Well, what do you think? Here's the truth about Jung Yong Hwa's illicit entrance into Kyunghee University’s graduate school.

Q. Did Jung Yong Hwa really cheated his way into his PhD?
A. Yes, regretfully. In October, 2016, he applied for the PhD program but didn't attend his interview. And of course, he failed his interview. However, 2 months later, he entered into Kyunghee University’s graduate school even though he didn't attend his official interview again. It's true Kyunghee University’s graduate school allowed the popular idol to be admitted through special treatment.

Q. Did Jung Yong Hwa have intention of cheating his way into his PhD?
A. No. When he applied for the PhD program for the first time in October, 2016, he made the mistake of applying for the wrong admission course. He should have applied for the regular admission course, but he applied for the special admission course, and that's why he was not accepted by Kyunghee University’s graduate school and didn't need to attend his interview. And 2 months later, what he did was just to be interviewed by Kyunghee University’s professor, who spontaneously visited FNC Entertainment said it's ok not to attend the official interview.

Q. Who is most responsible for Jung Yong Hwa's illicit entrance into Kyunghee University’s graduate school?
A. The professor. Since Jung Yong Hwa failed to enter Kyunghee University’s graduate school, the professor has tried to persuade him persistently. He even visited FNC Entertainment to have an interview with Jung Yong Hwa, which certainly was a special treatment. The professor gave such a special treatment even though Jung Yong Hwa didn't ever say he wanted it.

Q. Why the professor give Jung Yong Hwa a special treatment?
A. Universities are education institutions. However, to be more precise, Universities are in the business of educating people, which means they need to earn money by attracting many students. And think about it. If a University attracted a famous idol star, it would help the University attract more general students. That's why the professor and Kyunghee University needed Jung Yong Hwa.

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