The reason why you can have high expectations of Suzy's new solo album

Suzy is coming back as a solo singer. She will release her new solo album on January 29. According to JYP Entertainment, home to the female k-pop star, she will film a total of 4 music videos and her comeback will be a blockbuster event.

Actually, JYP couldn't provide full support to Suzy's solo project until last year even though the super star has wanted to be active as a solo artist since years ago. It was because Suzy belonged to Miss A. There were three other members, and JYP tried to treat all the members fairly. However, things have changed. Miss A has officially disbanded, and Jia and Min have left JYP. Suzy is no longer a member of Miss A. She's a solo artist. And JYP will provide full support to its representative artist.

And here's a hint about Suzy's new solo album. When Suzy released her first ever solo album in January, 2017, she took part in writing lyrics for her songs. She could just sing songs written by professional song writers because she was a super star and her success as a solo singer seemed to be guaranteed. But, yeah, she took on a new challenge. What do you think it means? She's aiming to become a great musician, not just a pretty idol. She's aiming higher, and she wants to become a singer who can sing a variety of different genres of music. She has been hard at work on her new album, trying to grow as a musician. She will show something new through her new album, and the album will have various genres of music.

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