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EXO-L vs ARMY? EXO and BTS do not want war

On January 13, BTS held a global fan meeting event at the Gocheok Sky Dome. However, several problems occurred while fans were lining up for the event. Some fans stared pushing the fence and swearing at the security workers. The video were aired live via SNS, and a bigger problem was that some ARMYs mocked EXO and EXO-Ls, shouting "Bitches like L" and "You want to be a potato's fan?". The fan used the word "potato" to mock EXO's D.O, who has recently cut his hair short.

ARMYs went onto various social media platforms to take the videos down, and some issued an apology on the matter, but EXO-Ls are still letting out steam. They even started a petition on the Blue House's web page.

As you know, it's not the first time EXO-L and ARMY have come into conflict. When EXO released "Ko Ko Bop" in 2017, some ARMYs insisted that the music video of the song was similar to BTS' music videos, claiming that EXO certainly copied BTS' music videos of "I Need U" and "Run". And in January 2018, when BTS won the grand prize at the Golden Disk Awards, EXO-Ls insisted that BTS was the wrong team to receive the award, saying EXO sold more copies of albums than BTS in 2017.

However, both ARMY and EXO-L's assertions were false. It's true EXO's music video looked similar to BTS', but a variety of different music videos include such scenes, and BTS is not the first idol group who filmed such scenes. EXO didn't copy BTS' music video. And the Golden Disk Awards selected their highest prize through a strict judging process. They excluded repackage albums when they select their highest prize, and that's why EXO couldn't win the prize. In addition, 26 out of 30 judges recommended BTS as the winner of the grand prize.

Well, EXO and BTS are two of the most popular k-pop boy groups, and there could be a sense of rivalry between them, but they never hate each other. They respect each other, and each is doing their best. And actually, they're very close to each other. So, their fans do not need to do a hatchet job on one another. Are you EXO-L? EXO never wants you to slander BTS. Are you ARMY? BTS never wants you to slander EXO.

Of course, the ARMYs who mocked EXO and EXO-L did a really bad thing. It's truly reprehensible. However, it should not turn into full-scale war between EXO-L and ARMY. Just some of ARMYs did such a thing.

EXO and BTS are totally different boy groups, and each has their own musical characteristics. Both of them are great k-pop boy groups, and there is nothing to choose between the two. As a boy group of SM Entertainment, the biggest k-pop agency, EXO always shows high quality performance. EXO's albums are well made, and the handsome members have good singing ability. And as a hip hop idol group, BTS writes its own music and sings about teenager's life, arousing empathy from young k-pop fans. The BTS members have sufficient performing skills and always prove it on the stage. Unlike other puppet like k-pop idol groups, they enjoy the stage and show high quality live performance.

So, just please enjoy their music and support them if you are a real fan of EXO or BTS.


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