2017 GS Home Shopping Music Award Top 10 K-pop songs

On December 27, GS home shopping announced the winners of 2017 GS Home Shopping Music Award. GS home shopping is one of the biggest TV home shopping companies in Korea, and it sells a variety of goods on its TV channel.

The winners of 2017 GS Home Shopping Music Award are as follows. The 10 songs are the most played songs on its channel in 2017, and according to GS home shopping, k-pop girl groups' cheerful and catchy songs make viewers stay focused on its programs and purchase goods.

1. Red Velvet - Rookie

2. TWICE - Knock Knock 

3. Red Velvet - Bad Dracula

4. AOA - Excuse Me

5. Red Velvet - Red Flavor

6. Dalshabet - Fly Boy

7. GFriend - Fingertip

8. TWICE - Signal

9. April - Muah!

10. Girls' Generation - Holiday

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