The truth about Taeyeon's car accident

Many fans must have been surprised by the news that Girls' Generation's Taeyeon had a traffic accident. Fortunately, she wasn't hurt, and she's ok.

By the way, there is a big controversy over the traffic accident. Two victims of the three-car rear-end collision, who were riding in a taxi sandwiched between two vehicles insisted that Taeyeon made no apology for causing the traffic accident. According to them, Taeyeon just said "Are you ok?" and tapped one of them on her shoulder as if Taeyeon had been her boss. And they also insisted that ambulance workers were busy taking care of Taeyeon only because of the fact that she was a celebrity, even though the taxi driver and the two victims were hurt.

So, what do you think is the truth? Well, here' what happened on the day.

Taeyeon hit the taxi in front of her due to her careless driving. And the taxi was damaged extensively, being sandwiched between Taeyeon's car and the care that was in front of the taxi. After causing the accident, The airbag went off in Taeyeon's car, and she was shocked. After then, what she did first was call her manager because she needed somebody to deal with the situation. And when ambulance workers arrived, she was in her car, complaining of chest pains.

In this situation, ambulance workers follow the instructions in their manual. They judged that Taeyeon had a more serious injury than the other people, and that's why they took care of her first. When a traffic accident happens, ambulance workers take care of the most seriously injured person first, regardless of who caused the traffic accident.

So, it's a misconception to say that Taeyeon was given preferential treatment by ambulance workers. Of course, Taeyeon should have apologized for the traffic accident more politely, and I can understand why the victims are so angry at her. But, you know, she was shocked too, and it was not easy for her to take care of others.

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