Kang Minhyuk says fans never need to worry about the breakup of CNBLUE

You know, CNBLUE's Kang Minhyuk made an appearance in recently ended TV drama "Hospital Ship". In the drama, he played Kwak Hyun, a physician who has a warm heart, and he did good. Even though it was his first time to take the lead role of major TV channel's drama, he acted his part well.

After the drama went off the air, Kang Minhyuk gave an interview to various Korean media outlets. Check out what he talked about his drama and career.

It was an honor to act with Ha Jiwon. She's such a great actress, and she was so nice to me. I know some people worried about our drama because there's a big age difference between us. However, I just acted with confidence. I think our chemistry was great. And when I filmed a kissing scene with her, I was very nervous because it was my first time to film such a scene. But I tried to focus on filming the scene, and I did my best. I'm still lacking in many things as an actor, though. It has been many years since I debuted as a singer, but as an actor, I'm like a kindergarten student. I'll try harder to improve my acting skills. I want to sing and act for the rest of my life because I love both jobs. You know, many k-pop groups have been disbanded, but our fans never need to worry about the breakup of CNBLUE. Our goal is to become a "grandpa band", and we're getting closer to our dream.

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