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The reason why Yoona is receiving love calls from various dramas despite the failure of her drama

Girls' Generation Yoona's new drama "The King Loves" went off the air on September 19, 2017. Did you enjoy watching the drama. By the way, unfortunately, the drama was not that popular in Korea. The drama suffered from low ratings, while the drama couldn't become an issue among Korean people either.

However, it doesn’t seem to have bad effects on Yoona's acting career. The female idol star is now receiving love calls from various dramas. Do you know why?

First, even though the drama suffered from low ratings, Yoona showed impressive acting performance. It's true her performance was called into question when she just debuted as an actress years ago, but things changed. Her acting in "The King Loves" was stable, and she expressed her character well. As the leading actress of the drama, she did her bit, regardless of the quality of the drama or its viewer rating. She has been recognized as a competitive young actress since she showed great acting performance in her movie "Confidential Assignment" in 2016.

Second, Yoona is one of the few young actresses who can take the leading roles in Korean dramas. There are many actors who can take the leading roles in Korean dramas, including Lee Jongsuk, Kim Soohyun and Park Haejin, but there are relatively less actresses who can play such roles. This is for various reasons, but anyway, people in the Korean drama industry are having problems because of this issue. In this situation, yeah, Yoona, who has a pretty face and good acting skills is attracting a lot of attention from people in the Korean drama industry.

Third, Yoona is still enjoying huge popularity in foreign countries. Korean dramas these days can't make a huge profit in domestic market. For the drama production companies, the only way to make earnings is to export their dramas. So, they want to cast hallyu stars who are very popular in foreign countries, and that's one reason why Yoons is receiving love calls from various dramas.

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