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The reason why YG was so mad at the love scandal between BLACKPINK's Jennie and Teddy

On October 14, it was reported that BLACKPINK's Jennie is dating Teddy, a famous music producer of YG Entertainment, but the k-pop agency denied it, stating "It's groundless". That's not all. YG announced that it will take legal action against people who spread false rumors about Jennie and Teddy.

YG denied Jennie's romantic relationship with Teddy because she's not really dating him, of course. However, It is very unusual for k-pop agencies to take legal action about their artists' love scandals. So, what do you think the fact that YG mounted such a tough response means? Yeah, it means YG is mad at the love scandal, and there's good reason for it.

Teddy has dated actress Han Yeseul before, but they've broken up. By the way, there was a false rumor that they broke up because of Jennie. The false rumor said Teddy dumped Han Yeseul for Jennie. Well, of course, it was a vicious and groundless rumor, and YG was really mad at the rumor. You know, BLACKPINK has been on a roll since its debut, and the girl group has become one of the most important artists in YG.  In addition, Jennie is 18 years younger than Teddy, and in Korea, it sometime is regarded as immoral that a young girl tries to tempt a old man. So, such a vicious rumor can have bad effects on an idol, especially on a female idol, and YG decided to mount a very tough response to protect Jennie.

Anyway, don't worry, BLACKPINK fans. It's totally groundless that Jennie is dating Teddy. It's not true. Actually, the Korean media outlet which reported the news for the first time has already deleted the article.

<G-Dragon: The King of K-pop>

Who do you think is the most popular k-pop idol? Who do you think is the most influential k-pop star? There could be many different voices and opinions, but the majority of people in the k-pop industry would say it’s G-Dragon. So, are you a big fan of G-Dragon? Do you want to know all the stories about the king of k-pop? <G-Dragon: The King of K-pop> contains all the things about G-Dragon. The author, who has been working as a k-pop journalist since 2010 gives you answers to all the questions about G-Dragon such as “What is his real personality like?”, “How rich is he?” and “How do Korean general public think of him?” The book also includes various stories behind G-Dragon. Welcome to the real world of k-pop. Enjoy your time!


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