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Young Korean females suffer from "IU's Disease"

Are you a big fan of IU? Are you enjoying watching "Hyori's Guesthouse" then? By the way, do you know many young Korean females who've watched the program are suffering from "IU's Disease"?

Basically, females who are suffering from "IU's Disease" follow and do the same things IU does in "Hyori's Guesthouse". They wear NERDY's sweatsuits or boxy fit clothes just like IU did. And they clean house and read books as if they were IU. Funny thing is, most of them used to never clean house or read books. And they try to eat very slowly and eat chocolates too. You know, IU eats very slowly and loves chocolates.

Well, what do you think? I'm not a female and I'm not suffering from "IU's Disease", but I can understand the female who are suffering from "IU's Disease" because IU is so cute and pretty in "Hyori's Guesthouse".

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