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What IU is going to prove through her comeback

IU is coming back. The female k-pop star will release her new album in the middle of September. Are you looking forward to the album? Well, actually, IU's comeback will be a very special event because she will prove some things through her comeback.

Great musicality
In 2014, IU released her first ever remake album "Flower Bookmark", and according to her agency, her new album will be titled "Flower Bookmark 2", which means, yeah, the album will be her second remake album.

A notable thing about "Flower Bookmark" is that IU did a remake of old songs such as "My old story" and "Meaning of you". Actually, most of young Korean people around her age don't even know such old songs. But, unlike many other young people, IU loves old acoustic songs, and the female singer, who is well known for her great musicality reinterpreted the songs perfectly. There are no other young k-pop singers who can do such a thing, and that's why the album got rave reviews from many k-pop critics.

So, it is expected that IU will prove her great musicality again through her comeback.

Great popularity
IU is not the only k-pop singer who will make a comeback in the middle of September. EXO will release its new album soon, while BTS, one of the most popular k-pop idol groups is preparing for its comeback too. Then, who do you think will top a variety of music charts? Well, there are some possibilities, but there is a good chance that IU will be the final winner.

What's special about IU is that she is loved by men and women of all ages. She sings songs of various genres, and she is a singer who is able to sing about her genuine emotions and arouse people's sympathy. Besides, yeah, her new album is a remake album, which means there is a good chance that her new songs will be loved by men and women of all ages.

Great love for fans
You know, IU released her 4th full album "Palette" last April, and it has been only 5 months since then. And she was busy filming "Hyori's guest house", but, yeah, she's been working hard on her new album.

Actually, September 18 will mark the 9th anniversary for IU, and that's why she worked so hard on her new album even though she has been very busy. She wanted to give a special present to her fans. According to IU's agency, she's planning for a variety of events to entertain her fans. So, it is expected that IU will prove her great love for her fans through her comeback.

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