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[Interview] Lee Gikwang gives his thoughts on his 4th debut

Q. You finally made a comeback as a solo singer. How do you feel?
Gikwang: It has been 8 years since I released my first solo album as "AJ" in 2009. I put everything I have into my new album, and I hope you like it. The album has a total of 8 tracks, and all of the songs are so precious to me. I wanted to introduce all of them to you through my comeback event, and that's why I decided to hold a preview for the album, not a comeback showcase. You know, if I hold a comeback showcase, I can perform just 2-3 songs.

Q. Tell me about your new solo album.
Gikwang: Basically, I did what I wanted to do through the album. You might think the album is too drowsy and calm, but I wanted to show everyone the real me as a singer.

Q. It's notable that you took part in producing the album.
Gikwang: Yeah, I created the album by myself. I cared about every little thing about the album. I can't say it is the best album, but I'm confident that I did my best to make better album.

Q. Your title track "What you like" is written by Good Life, a producing team which is comprised of Yong Junhyung and Kim Taejoo.
Gikwang: I've worked hard on my title track, but it was not easy for me to make a great title track. So, I asked Yong Junhyung to write my title track, and yeah, his song was better than mine.

Q. 8 years ago, you released your solo album as "AJ", but this time, you don't use the stage name. Is there any reason for that?
Gikwang: AJ is short for "Ace Junior", but you know, I'm not junior any more, haha. But, the stage name is very meaningful to me because I first debuted as AJ. Before making a comeback, I watched AJ's performance video. He did his utmost on the stage, and I could feel how hard he practiced. Of course, I became a more experienced singer now, but I can't forget my old days.

Q. As a solo singer, what do you focus on the most?
Gikwang: What I want to say is that I'm only a rookie at heart. I'll do my best, and I believe that all the efforts will pay off. I hope I can do better than AJ.

Q. So, it's your 4th debut as a singer.
Gikwang: Yeah, I debuted as AJ in 2009, and I also debuted as a member of BEAST that year. And 8 years later, I debuted as a member of Highlight and as Lee Gikwang. I know it's an unusual thing, but I could experience a lot of things, and I think such an experience made me who I am. I'm sure such an experience is of much benefit to me.

Q. What's your goal?
Gikwang: I've been active in the k-pop world as a member of BEAST and Highlight, but I don't think I showed everything I have. I couldn't have a chance to do it. So, as a solo singer, I want to prove that I can do it alone.

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