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[Interview] iKON's Bobby doesn't feel pressured to replace BIGBANG

Q. You finally released your first ever solo album. How do you feel?
Bobby: It's an honor. I'll do my best not to disappoint many fans.

Q. Tell me about your double title tracks, "Runaway" and "I love you".
Bobby: "Runaway" was inspired by Mino's song "Fear". The song is about a youth who dreams of breaking away from the routine of daily life. And "I love you" is a song about parting.

Q. So do you dream of breaking away from the routine of daily life too?
Bobby: I dreamed of breaking away from the routine of daily life when I wrote the song. You know, I'm an idol and I should always be careful. So many people are watching me. When I was young, I thought such a situation killed my real self.

Q. It there any reason why you chose the two songs as your double title tracks?
Bobby: Well, I love all of 10 tracks which are included in my album. That's why it was so hard for me to choose my title tracks. I followed Yang Hyun Suk's advice. "I love you" is a song with much popular appeal, and "Runaway" is a song about myself. That's why I chose the two songs as my double title tracks.

Q. You took part in wiring all the songs in your album.
bobby: Yeah, I'm happy that I could include my own songs in my album. It was a strong motivating factor for me. I know it's a great opportunity, and I want to tell people stories about myself through my album.

Q. It's notable that you sing a lot in your album rather than just rapping.
Bobby: I wanted to show various sides of myself as a musician. It was not easy to sing, but I feel a sense of accomplishment now.

Q. What does your first ever solo album mean to you?
Bobby: I think the album could be the turning point of my career. You know, I've been trying to be tough and charismatic on stage, but my solo album contains soft and emotional songs. I'm not fully satisfied with the album, but I'm really confident in it.

Q. What did iKON members say about your solo album?
Bobby: Kim Jinhwan is really cold-hearted. He gave a hard-headed assessment of the album, haha. And I reflected all the iKON members' opinions when I was preparing for the album.

Q. When will iKON's new album be released?
Bobby: We're really working hard on it. I hope we can release the album within this year. B.I is working really hard to write new songs.

Q. You've just released your first solo album, but lots of popular k-pop singers including EXO, BTS and IU will release their new albums soon.
Bobby: It’s just an honor to released my first ever solo album around the same time as such great singers.

Q. BIGBANG members will join the army soon. So, many people in the k-pop industry are now interested in whether iKON will be able to replace the top class boy group. Do you feel pressured to replace BIGBANG?
Bobby: No, not at all, haha. I just want to express myself. Of course, we want to become as influential k-pop group as BIGBANG, but we want to achieve it in our own way. I think what's most important is sincerity of our music.

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