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On September 9, Hyolyn, the former member of SISTAR announced that she decided to leave Starship Entertainment and take a fresh start. She will establish her own agency.

Actually, as I said before, Hyolyn was likely to leave Starship. After SISTAR announced that they decided to disband the team on May 23, 2017, Hyolyn took part in the recording of "Yang Sehyung's Shorterview". But, she went to the filming spot alone without Starship's manager. And at that time, The Starship official told me, "Hyolyn told the CEO of Starship that she wants to look for a new agency in which she can spread her wings as a solo singer. The CEO agreed to her idea, and he told her it's ok to contact with many other agencies. Hyolyn will talk about the renewal of her contract again with the CEO after making up her mind about it later".

You know, Bora has signed with her new agency Hook Entertainment, home to Lee Seung Gi and Lee Seojin, while Dasom and Soyou renewed their contracts with Starship. So, Dasom and Soyou became the only two SISTAR members who decided to stay at Starship.

Then, what do you think is the reason why Hyolyn decided to leave Starship? Actually, it could be a very risky choice because Hyolyn, who has been managed by the great k-pop agency for a long time will have to do all the things alone.

However, Hyolyn made up her mind to leave the agency and take a fresh start because she wanted to make a growth not only as a solo singer but also as a musician. You know, she will be able to active as a solo singer even if she doesn't leave Starship. But, she wants to do more things as a musician. If she establishes her own agency, she has to do all the things alone including the production of her album and management of her company. It will be never easy for her to do all the things, but she will be able to learn lots of things through experience, and yeah, she will make a growth as a musician as she herself wants. She's looking to the future now, and she's doing what she has to do to prepare for the future.

Well, I'm sure Hyolyn will do a great job because she is a very talented and ambitious person. When I saw SISTAR for the first time in 2010, I was surprised because Hyolyn sang so great. Even though she was just a rookie, she was better than most of the other female idols.

Anyway, I wish her well in her future endeavors. I hope her brave choice pays off big time.

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