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EXO's Kai says he's different from his stage persona

EXO's Kai is going to make an appearance in KBS' upcoming new drama "Andante". It's not his first time to make an appearance in a drama, but it's notable that it's the first time for him to play the title role in a drama of a major Korean broadcasting company. As "Andante" is a pre-produced drama, Kai has already finished filming the drama.

On September 19, a press conference for "Andante" was held in Seoul. Of course, Kai attended the event as the leading actor of the drama, and he gave his thoughts on his drama and acting career. Check out what the idol star said.

I feel great now. I've filmed the great drama with great staff members and actors. It's my first time to appear in a drama of a major Korean broadcasting company, and I'm sure it'll be a nice memory for me. I played Sikyung, who is very innocent and mischievous. Actually, I always try to be sexy and powerful on stage, but I'm different from my stage persona. That's why I could be immersed in the mischievous character. As an actor, I'll always try to be a sincere actor.

And check out what the producer of "Andante" talked about Kai too.

I've watched some of Kai's short dramas, and I cast him because of his atmosphere. He had to manage a series of tight schedules, but he put everything into the drama. It was quite impressive. And I'm thankful to him for livening up the mood on the set. He must have been very tired, but he smiled all the time. Even though he is a rookie as an actor, he played his character with great emotion.

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