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[Interview] WINNER had a hard time because they thought they're YG's ugly duckling

Q. You made a comeback with your new songs "Love Me Love Me" and "Island". How do you feel?
Kang Seungyoon: Well, "Really Really" was loved by so many people, but this time, we wanted to release great summer songs. We really wanted to sing great summer songs, and I'm happy that we can release the two songs at the appropriate time.
Lee Seunghoon: Yeah, we've been telling our fans that we want to make a comeback this summer.
Song Mino: It has been only 4 months since we released "Really Really", and you know, it's unusual for YG artists to make a comeback so soon. So, please look forward to our new songs.

Q. Tell me about your new songs.
Lee Seunghoon: Basically, the songs are about youth. We are in our mid-20s, and we thought youth could be a very good theme for all of us. You know, we can't usually enjoy freedom because we're idols, and our new songs contain a message that we're longing for freedom.
Kang Seungyoon: Yeah, even though we can't live an ordinary life, we want to spend our youth very passionately. And I want to thank Yang Hyun Suk because he gave us many amazing ideas about "Love Me Love Me". He created the choreography for the song too.

Q. Kang Seungyoon, Lee Seunghoon and Song Mino took part in writing your new songs, but Kim Jinwoo didn't. Jinwoo, don't you want to take part in writing your songs?
Kim Jinwoo: Actually, I have no desire to do it. The rest members are great songwriters, and I'm satisfied with their songs. I'll do something else for our fans.

Q. Are you confident about the success of your new songs?
Kang Seungyoon: I would be very happy to make huge success of the songs, but I'm always trying to get rid of my obsession over results and rankings because I don't want to miss a lot of fun of my life.

Q. It's your second comeback since Nam Taehyun left your team in November 2016.
Kim Jinwoo: Frankly speaking, I was really afraid when we were working on "Really Really". I thought we must get good results because it was our first ever comeback since our team became a 4-member group. Fortunately, "Really Really" was loved by so many people.
Kang Seungyoon: Personally, I didn't expect much from "Really Really". But, the song is still loved by many people, and I'm so thankful for it. We will try harder in return for people's great love.

Q. When was the toughest moment of your career?
Kang Seungyoon: Three years isn't a long time, but so many things have happened to us. Especially, I was deeply distressed when we had to have a long hiatus.
Kim Jinwoo: Yeah, I'm 27 years old now, and you know, I'm no longer young. It was hard for me to have a long period of blank.
Song Mino: A vague uneasiness possessed me when we had a long hiatus.
Lee Seunghoon: I was oppressed by worry just before releasing "Really Really". But I was really happy that so many fans welcomed us. We'll do our best for our fans.

Q. People say your songs are quite different from those of the other YG artists.
Lee Seunghoon: It's true. That's why we thought we're YG's ugly duckling when we were trainees. We had a hard time, and we felt daunted. However, we could find our own musical characteristics through our debut song "Empty". We want to become YG's swan some day.
Kang Seungyoon: You know, most of the YG artists are bad boys on the stage, just like BIGBANG and iKON. We're different from them. However, I'm so thankful because we have originality.

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