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[Interview] The reason why Hyuna took her album jacket photo without makeup

Q. You made a comeback with your new album "Following". How do you feel?
Hyuna: I've been preparing for the album since I released Triple H's album last April. I've been looking forward to making a comeback, and I'll show powerful and energetic performance on stage.

Q. It's notable that you took part in writing your new songs. What did you care about the most when you were working on the songs?
Hyuna: Whenever I work on my new album, I try to get a variety of opinions. My new album was a challenge for me, but I wanted to highlight natural side of myself through the album.

Q. So, is that why you took your jacket photos without makeup?
Hyuna: As a 26 year old woman, I wanted to photograph natural look of myself. I wore no makeup at all, and that's why you can see my facial blemishes and pores in the photos. It was a real challenge for me, but I wanted to give a special present to my fans who have been supporting me for a long time.

Q. You've been loved by so many people as a sexy queen. Is there any special reason for a change in your concept?
Hyuna: Well, I love my title track "Babe" because I don't need to make a charismatic face when I perform the song. It doesn't mean I gave up my sexy concept, though. I just wanted to show myself in a new way. I'll show everything on stage.

Q. It seems like some people have prejudice against you because you've been always showing very sexy performance on stage.
Hyuna: Everyone has different ideas, and all the k-pop singers are going through similar hardships. I'm just trying hard to show people what I like, and I really feel proud if just one or two people become my fans.

Q. You know, you are called the next Lee Hyori.
Hyuna: I respect her, and I want to learn her positive energy. I watch all the TV shows she appears in, and I think she provides us with valuable life lessons. Actually, I watched her performance video clips yesterday. I wanted to watch her performance for no reason, and watching it, I could feel her great energy again.

Q. There are some young singers who hope to become the next Hyuna too. What do you want to tell them?
Hyuna: I want to tell them to never give up hope. All the singers have different characteristics, and I think what's most important for singers is confidence. They sometimes can make mistakes on stage, but they always need to be confident.

Q. Unlike the other famous idol stars, you've never appeared in a drama or movie.
Hyuna: I've once imagined acting in a drama when I was young. However, I'm still lacking in many things as a singer, and for now, my goal is to become a better singer. That's why I don't appear in a drama. And frankly speaking, I'm a coward, and I'm afraid of acting.

Q. What do you want to achieve through your new album?
Hyuna: I feel really excited when people say that I do what only I can do. I want to hear that again.

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Kpop Secret (Full Edition) is released!