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[Interview] Jessica didn't give up because of her sister Krystal (+comments about Girls' Generation)

Q. It has been 10 years since you debuted. How do you feel?
Jessica: The time went fast. I could realize it because so many fans congratulated me. I know it's not easy to be active as a singer for 10 years, and it's all thanks to my fans.

Q. When was the most memorable moment in your career?
Jessica: I can't forget my first times. I can't forget the moment I debuted, and I can't forget the first time I performed on the stage. And I can't forget the first time I released my solo album.

Q. What did you care about the most when you were preparing for your 10th anniversary album?
Jessica: The album is for my fans, and the album also includes a fan song. I wanted to present my fans with a very meaningful album. I hope my fans like it.

Q. Tell me about the title track "Summer Storm".
Jessica: Even though it's summer, I don't think I have to sing a cheerful dance song. You know, we have rainy spells in summer, and Korea is hit by typhoons every summer. "Summer Storm" is about complex emotions of a woman who broke up with her lover.

Q. As a solo singer, you've released hopeful songs such as "Fly" and "Wonderland". But "Summer Storm" is quite different from those song. Is there a reason for such a change?
Jessica: Well, I though a lot about the genre of my new song, but I wanted to do what I can do best now.

Q. You know, Girls' Generation recently released its 10th anniversary album too. Have you listened to the album?
Jessica: We debuted on the same day, and it's inevitable that we released our 10th anniversary albums around the same time. I couldn't listen to the whole album, but I watched their music video clips. It was great. We released our new albums to celebrate our 10th anniversary, so I hope both of us will get good results.

Q. What does Girls' Generation mean to you?
Jessica: Girls' Generation is so dear to my heart. It's an unforgettable memory. As a member of the girl group, I've experienced so many things.

Q. Do you think you've changed a lot since you debuted 10 years ago?
Jessica: When I just debuted, I couldn't see further than the end of my nose. I couldn't look at the bigger picture. But now, I became more comfortable and relaxed.

Q. You're 29 years old now. What do you think about getting old?
Jessica: I'm doing just fine. And actually, I'm looking forward to my 30s. Most of my friends are in their 30s, and they look great. Yeah, like my best friend Park Minyoung. She always looks very comfortable, and I learn a lot from her.

Q. You were called "ice princess" but it seems like you smile much now.
Jessica: Yeah, people say that to me these days. In the old days, I sometimes was very sensitive because I wanted to protect myself. However, these days, I enjoy everything. And I think I became more mature.

Q. What is your favorite TV drama?
Jessica: I recently enjoyed watching "7 Days". Park Minyoung is one of my closest friends, and I watched her drama because she worked so hard for the drama. The drama was very interesting.

Q. What about "The bride of habaek"? Your younger sister Krystal appears in the drama.
Jessica: I watched the first episode of the drama with my sister, but it seemed that she didn't have many parts in the drama, haha. I couldn't watch the drama often because I've been busy preparing for my new album.

Q. Have you ever wanted to give up for the last 10 years?
Jessica: I'm not the one who gives something up. And actually, I didn't give up because of Krystal. If I gave up, she would give up too. I know her, and I wanted to be a strong older sister. Of course, my fans give me so much strength, but I work harder because of my sister.

Q. You two seem to be ideal sisters.
Jessica: No, we fight because of foods, and we squabbled over clothes when we were kids. I think became more intimate after our debut. We're friends now.

Q. What is your favorite k-pop song these days?
Jessica: I love IU's songs. I love "Through the night" and "Palette".

Q. Don't you feel pressured to rank high on online music charts?
Jessica: I'd be lying if I said I didn't care about music charts at all, but music charts are unpredictable. And these days, it seems like songs of "Show Me The Money 6" are loved by so many people. Maybe I should rap, haha.

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