BIGBANG becomes the first foreign artist to hold a dome tour in Japan for five years in a row

BIGBANG, the k-pop record breaker set another record.

According to YG Entertainment on August 8, BIGBANG will hold its dome tour in Japan from November. BIGBANG will kick off its dome tour by holding its concerts at the Fukuoka Yahuoku! Dome from November 18-19. And the boy group will visit Kyocera Dome, Nagoya Dome and Tokyo Dome, giving a total of 13 shows. Through the dome tour, they will draw about 646,000 audiences.

BIGBANG held its first dome tour in Japan in 2012, and by holding its 2017 dome tour, the team will become  the first foreign artist to hold a dome tour in Japan for five years in a row.

Even though TOP, who's currently serving military duty can't take part in BIGBANG's 2017 dome tour, it is expected that the great k-pop boy group will show outstanding performance through its dome tour.

Meanwhile, prior to the beginning of the dome tour, G-Dragon will hold his solo dome tour in the country, while Daesung will also meet his fans by holding his solo hall tour. GD will give a total of 5 shows in 3 cities, and Daesung will give 39 shows in 18 cities.

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