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Actor Seol Kyungkoo and Kim Namgil say Seolhyun is a pure-white person

On August 28, a press preview for movie "Memoir of a Murderer" was held in Seoul. The film is about a retired murderer who got Alzheimer's, while Seol Kyungkoo, Kim Namgil, Oh Dalsoo and AOA's Seolhyun starred in the film. I'm sure many fans of Seolhyun are looking forward to the movie. It will be the female idol star's second movie appearance, and she will play a murderer's daughter who dedicates herself to her father.

Well, she did good in the movie. She showed stable acting performance, expressing delicate emotions of her character. So, check out what Seol Kyungkoo and Kim Namgil talked about Seolhyun at the press preview. They're two of the greatest actors in Korea, and it's notable that both of them spoke good of Seolhyun.

Seol Kyungkoo
Seolhyun is a pure-white person. She debuted as an idol singer in early age, and I thought she must be more mature than her age. But she was not while filming the movie. She puts out an air of ingenuous beauty in a good way. I hope that she won’t lose her purity forever.

Kim Namgil
She looks very fancy on stage, but she was not while filming the movie. I could know who she really is. She's an actress with a charm like white color. In the movie, I had to throw her over my shoulder, but I hesitated to do it because I felt sorry for her.

And check out what Seolhyun talked about the two actors.

It was a great honor for me to act with the two great actors. At first, I was really worried too because they're such great actors. Especially, I played Seol Kyungkoo's daughter in the movie, and I felt pressured because I didn't know how to become intimate with him. However, he treated me so naturally, and that's why I could come closer to him. And Kim Namgil took good care of me. He's a very sweet and kind actor.

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