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Seo Taiji praises highly on BTS' remake of his hit "Come Back Home"

In April, 2017, Seo Taiji's agency announced that the legendary k-pop singer will launch a special project to mark the 25th anniversary of his debut. Through the special project, various k-pop singers will remake Seo Taiji's hits, while BTS, one of the most popular idol groups these days took part in the project as the first participant.

BTS did a remake of Seo Taiji's "Come Back Home", and the music video for the remade version of the song will be released on July 5. I'm sure many fans of BTS are really looking forward to it.

BTS' Rap Monster and J-Hope took part in writing the rap lyrics of the remade version of "Come Back Home", while it's notable that it's the first time the song is remade by a k-pop idol group since the song was released in 1995. As I said before, Seo Taiji is a perfectionist and he doesn't let anyone remake his songs, but he gave a chance to BTS because he recognized BTS' musical ability and he was sure that BTS will never spoil his music.

According to his agency, Seo Taiji is very satisfied with the remade version of "Come Back Home". The original song has messages about teenage runways, but BTS added another message into the song. BTS delivers a message about youths who are trying their best to realize their dreams, and the members express not only their respect for Seo Taiji but also their confidence in themselves through the song.

I think they really did a great job. The remade version of the song is great, and they show their individuality through the song. I think they will be able to make an impression on those who have never even listened to the original song. The original song has messages about teenage runways in the 90s, but I hope the song will be a great comfort to teenagers of today.

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