Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Seo Jaehyung (Jaehyung of A-Jax) says SHINee Key is an actor who breaks people's prejudice against idols

SHINee Key's drama "Lookout" went off the air about 2 weeks ago, and, yeah, he did great in the drama. Even though it was his first ever appearance in a major TV channel's drama, the idol star, who played a genius hacker showed stable acting performance. After finishing filming the drama, Key said "I've learned a lot from the drama. I could study a lot about acting because my character was the one who has mixed feelings".

Well, by the way, it seems like Key is recognized by his colleagues as a great actor too. Seo Jaehyung, who has appeared in "Lookout" with Key recently praised highly of Key's acting ability. As you may know, Seo Jaehyung was a member of k-pop boy group A-Jax, but he became an actor after leaving the team.

I was discharged from the army last January, and I was cast in the drama in March. I was so happy about it, and I did my best to show better acting performance because it was my first ever appearance in a major TV channel's drama. I know I'm still not a good actor, but I enjoyed filming the drama. Especially, I was happy that I could share a bond of sympathy with Key. Even though I was not that intimate with him when I was an idol, we could become intimate in a short period time because we have something in common. We talked about singing and acting. And he did really great even though his character was never easy to play. I could see how much he studied about his character, and his acting was favorably reviewed by so many people. He certainly is an actor who breaks people's prejudice against idols.

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