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Reason why the production crew of "Hyori's Guest House" feel enormous gratitude to IU

You know, IU is currently appearing in JTBC's "Hyori's Guest House" as a regular. She's doing great in the program, and the program is gaining great popularity. By the way, according a person who took part in filming "Hyori's Guest House", all the production crew of the program feel enormous gratitude to IU. Do you know why?

Basically, yeah, they're thankful to IU because they could achieve a big success thanks to IU. Of course, Lee Hyori is a top star who receives great attention from people, but, "Hyori's Guest House" couldn't achieve such a big success without IU, an iconic young k-pop star. You know, it's the first time for IU to appear in a reality show as a regular, while she's not been very active in appearing in TV shows. It was not easy for her to decide to appear in "Hyori's Guest House" as a regular, but she readily accepted the program's proposal.

However, that's not all. There is a bigger reason why the production crew of "Hyori's Guest House" feel enormous gratitude to IU. No doubt, IU is a super star, and super stars are usually too demanding. Most of them only do what they want to do, and they act snooty while filming TV shows.

But, IU, who is well known for her great personality didn't act difficult at all while filming "Hyori's Guest House". She just did what she had to do, and she didn't ask the production crew to do something for her either. According to the production crew of "Hyori's Guest House", IU just asked them for one thing before filming the program. She said "I'm not a good TV show entertainer, and it's so hard for me to make funny comments", and of course, the production crew accepted her request, saying "You don't need to artificially do something. You can just enjoy your time in Jeju Island". Celebrities sometimes suffer from mental stress because they can't reveal their real selves and have to act differently on TV. IU wanted to live in the guest house as her real self


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