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Reason why BLACKPINK burst into tears after winning no.1 trophy of Inkigayo

BLACKPINK won no.1 trophy of SBS' "Inkigayo" aired on July2. With its new song "As if it's your last", the girl group topped the chart show. By the way, BLACKPINK members burst into tears when their name was called. Yeah, they burst into tears because they were so moved. But that's not all. There's a story behind it.

BLACKPINK released "As if it's your last" on June 22. And on the same day, MAMAMOO also made a comeback with its new song "Yes I am". Great attention was focused on the competition between the two popular girl groups, but, it seemed that MAMAMOO won the competition. MAMAMOO reached the top of a variety of online music charts, while it's notable that the girl group ranked higher than BLACKPINK on Melon, the biggest Korean music site. In addition, BLACKPINK's "As if it's your last" is a single, which means, the girl group can't get any album sales points on music chart shows.

In this situation, BLACKPINK members couldn't imagine that they will be able to win no.1 trophy of "Inkigayo". Yeah, that's why the members were very surprised when their name was called and burst into tears. As you can see in the picture above, BLACKPINK could win over MAMAMOO because BLACKPINK got much more SNS points than MAMAMOO, which means BLACKPINK's music video is very popular on Youtube and the girl group is very hot on various online platforms including Twitter and Facebook.

Anyway, congratulations, BLACKPINK!

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