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PD of "Oppa Thinking" says she personally became a big fan of Red Velvet's Seulgi

Red Velvet is one of the most popular k-pop girl groups among Korean females. Well, actually, big k-pop agencies such as SM and YG aim to produce a girl group who can capture female fans' hearts. Yeah, just like Red Velvet and its senior girl groups Girls' Generation and f(x). When producing its girl groups, what SM cares about most is the girl groups' conception and attraction, while SM always targets female fans, not male fans. (Reason why big k-pop agencies aim to produce a girl group who can capture female fans' hearts)

Are you a female fan of Red Velvet? Well, if so, here's a strong rival of you. It's a female producer of MBC's "Oppa Thinking". :) Red Velvet has recently taken part in the recording of "Oppa Thinking", and the episode will be broadcast on July 31. By the way, the female producer of the program said she became a big fan of Seulgi after filming the episode. Check out what she said.

Red Velvet members enjoyed filming the program, and they really did a great job. Actually, male MCs of the program are always excited when a girl group like Red Velvet appears in the program as a guest star, and that's why the atmosphere of the set was wonderful, haha. Especially, Tak Jae Hoon and Irene had great chemistry together. Tak Jae Hoon played a joke on Irene, who were sometimes misunderstood due to the cold expression on her face, and Irene said something back. You can definitely look forward to it. And personally, I became a big fan of Seulgi because she was so attractive when she covered Kim Wan Sun's song.


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