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PD of "By Chance 18" says SHINee Minho is innocent and good-natured

SHINee's Minho has been cast as the main character in JTBC's new web drama "By Chance 18", and the dram will begin to air on August 28. Minho will play Oh Kyng Hui, a handsome and taciturn orthopaedic resident, who was treated as an outcast when he was a high school student. It is expected that the handsome idol star, who has built up his acting experience by appearing in various dramas such as "Medical Top Team" and "My First Time" will show outstanding acting performance in his new web drama.

So, check out what the producer of "By Chance 18" talked about Minho.

You know, Minho appears in the drama as a orthopaedic resident who was treated as an outcast when he was a high school student, and he wore a wig and glasses because he had to look ugly. However, the problem was that he looked so handsome even after he wore a wig and glasses, haha. I cast him because I needed an actor who is like a boy. He is innocent and good-natured. And he is sincere too. Even though he is a famous idol star and he has to manage a series of tight schedules, he always studies the script very thoroughly. And he works in perfect harmony with his partner Lee Yubi. Even though they were not acquainted with each other before filming the drama, they became intimate in a short period of time because they tried to talk a lot to each other.

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