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Lee Hyori tells MAMAMOO she likes them

Lee Hyori is a legendary female k-pop singer, and it must be a great honor for young girl groups to be recognized by her as a competent girl group. That's why MAMAMOO members were so excited when they heard that Lee Hyori praised highly on the girl group. At her comeback showcase held on July 4, Lee Hyori chose MAMAMOO as the most competent girl group these days, stating "I think k-pop singers should be born talented, and I think MAMAMOO members are really talented. They're doing really great".

By the way, MAMAMOO recently got a chance to meet Lee Hyori, and the legendary female k-pop singer praised the talented girl group in person. Below is a statement from MAMAMOO.

Lee Hyori usually leaves broadcasting station right after finishing performing at music chart shows because she is very busy. However, she recently made time to meet us. She told us in a chic way, "I'm enjoying your performance. I like you". And she also asked us if we're having fun doing our activities. We hesitated to answer because it's not easy for us to maintain our hectic schedule, but we said "Yes, we're having fun". She gave us some advice, saying "Enjoy all the things".

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