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G-Dragon still makes a deep bow to people who work for YG Entertainment

No doubt, BIGBANG's G-Dragon is the most popular and influential k-pop star. He is a super star who earns huge money. By the way, super stars like GD often act snooty. They don't care about people around them, and they even ignore people. It is because they think their huge success is all thanks to themselves even though there are so many people who work hard to help them and they could achieve such a success thank to the people.

So, what do you think GD is like in real life? You know, he is the one who built YG Entertainment into one of the biggest k-pop agencies, and he's been earning a lot of money for YG. It must be ok for him to act high and mighty at least in YG Entertainment. And as he acts very confident on the stage, you might think he should be arrogant in real life.

However, he still makes a deep bow to people who work for YG Entertainment. You know, the idol star usually makes a deep bow on TV, and he does the same thing in real life. It's surprising that he makes a deep bow to all the people who work for YG because there are so many people in the company and the idol star doesn't know all of them. He did such a thing because, yeah, he knows he could become a super star thanks to many people who have been working hard to help him. According to the YG official, he treats people who work for YG as if he is a rookie singer even though he has already become a super star. He hasn't changed since he debuted.

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