BIGBANG's TOP judged unfit for a conscripted policeman

BIGBANG's TOP was judged unfit for a conscripted policeman.

On July 31, the police examined if TOP is qualified for a conscripted policeman and judged that he is unfit for the assignment.

TOP, who has been charged with smoking marijuana was given a 10-month jail sentence suspended for two years at his final trial. The idol star, who was serving as a conscripted policeman before being charged with smoking marijuana could return to his unit, but the problem was that he still couldn't gain stability. You know, TOP has been rushed to the emergency room due to a drug overdose, and he recently took a sick leave because of an anxiety disorder. The police judged that he is unfit for a conscripted policeman, considering his health and public opinion.

Even though TOP was judged unfit for a conscripted policeman, it doesn't mean he doesn't have to fulfill military duty. He's served as a conscripted policeman for 117 days, and he has 520 more days to serve. So, for 520 days, he has to fulfill military duty as a public service worker.

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