Kpop Secret (Full Edition) is released!

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The full story behind BIGBANG TOP's smoking marijuana (He was with a female trainee)

BIGBANG's T.O.P has been charged with smoking marijuana. It's a shocking news, huh? The idol star, who's currently serving as a conscripted policeman smoked marijuana in October 2016. After the news was reported on June 1, YG Entertainment made an official announcement and apologized for the idol star's wrong behavior, stating, "Before beginning his duty as a conscripted policeman, he was prosecuted by the police, and he has admitted most of the charges. He deeply regrets what he did. We're sorry to have caused you so much anxiety".

Well, then, are you curious about how he was caught by the police and who he was with when he smoked marijuana?

Ok, at first, TOP was not the police's target. Actually, the police arrested a drug dealer and the drug dealer gave TOP's name. Yeah, he said he sold marijuana to the idol star. TOP smoked marijuana 4 times at his house from October 9-12, and he was with a woman in her 20s. She is a k-pop trainee, and when TOP was caught by the police, he denied the charges, saying "It is not marijuana. It is an electronic cigarette". But, the female trainee admitted the charges, and both of them have been charged with smoking marijuana.

Actually, the female trainee has previous convictions for smoking marijuana, and that's why she was placed under arrest. Unlike her, TOP doesn't have previous convictions for smoking marijuana, and he was not placed under arrest. Instead, he will be punished by the police because he is a conscripted policeman now.

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