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T-ara members know they'll not be able to be loved by many people but they do their best for their fans

On June 14, T-ara held a comeback showcase for its new mini album "What's My Name?" in Seoul. At the event, the girl group members performed their new song for the first time and talked about their brand new album. By the way, the 4 members made the reporters who attended the event sad because they burst into tears while they were talking about the past 8 years of their career. Check out what they said at their comeback showcase.

Q. Soyeon and Boram have left your team, and you had to make a comeback as a 4-member girl group. How do you feel about it?
Eunjung: It's true there was a change, but what has not changed is we should do our best on the stage. I think our fans will like us if we try our best on the stage.
Hyomin: I feel sorry about it. However, their contracts with our agency have expired, and it was a personal choice. I'm sorry that we can't perform as a 6-member group any more, but I still support Soyeon and Boram.
Jiyeon: I heard that many fans have been waiting for our comeback. We'll do our best in return for their love.

Q. So, why did you renew your contracts with your agency unlike Soyeon and Boram?
Hyomin: The reason is simple. Because we're T-ara. We're very attached to each other because we have gone through a lot together.

Q. What does T-ara mean to you?
Eunjung: It is an irreplaceable treasure to me. I don't have any regrets. Of course, I had to go through a hard time, but I was loved so much. And I've learned a lot, and I'm thankful for everything. We knew many people didn't like us, but we did our best for our fans.
Jiyeon: I know people just think we've been having a hard time for a long time, but I've learned a lot.
Hyomin: It means everything to me.

Q. What would you say about Hwayoung? A controversy over your bullying problem has been re-ignited due to her appearance in tvN's "Taxi" in February, but you didn't say a word about it.
Eunjung: We've already talked a lot about it, but I think people don't believe us. It has been a long time since the incident occurred, and I think it's better not to mention about it.

Q. Tell me about your new title song "What's My Name?".
Jiyeon: The song has catchy melody and lyrics. And the choreography of the song is very impressive too.
Eunjung: Our opinions have been reflected in the song, and that's why we feel much affection for the song.

Q. What's you goal?
Hyomin: Of course, I want to be with the other members for ever. I can't be sure about our future, but I want to be active as a member of T-ara as long as I can. Frankly speaking, I'm not expecting that we will be able to be loved by as many people as we used to.
Eunjung: It's never easy to do our best on the stage even though we know we will not be able to be loved by many people. But, we try our best for our fans, and we just want your warm attention.
Qri: We've experienced hardships, but I didn't want to give up everything. I've learned a lot, and I have a deep affection for T-ara. I want to remain as a member of T-ara for ever.

Q. Tell me about your future plan.
Hyomin: I'm not sure how long we will be able to do our group activity. But, we want to be together as long as we can, and as a team, we'll do as many things as possible.

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