Shinsadong Tiger says Apink's singing ability has improved a lot (+ a hint about Apink's new song)

Apink is coming back. The girl group will release its new mini album on June 26, while it is notable that Shinsadong Tiger, who's written many of Apink's hits including "No No No" and "LUV" took part in writing the title track to be included in the upcoming new album. So, are you curious about how the Apink members are preparing for their comeback? Check out what Shinsadong Tiger recently talked about Apink's comeback.

Working together, what's really striking to me was Apink's singing ability has improved a lot. Of course, their singing ability was great, but they became better singers. As their singing ability has improved, we could express more things. And it's also notable that they have better teamwork than before. They took care of each other while recording songs. Apink's new title track is a cheerful dance song, but it's not just a dance music. The song has sentimental tempo and melody. And one more thing I want to say is that they became more passionate about music, and they understand so well about their strength and image. However, they don't feel pressured to achieve a great success any more. What they think is important is that they have to communicate with their fans actively.

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