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Reason why Apink Jung Eunji held her solo concert at a small concert hall

Jung Eunji of Apink has successfully finished her solo concert. The female idol held her concert at the Samsung hall in Ewha Womans University in Seoul from May 3-5. As it was her first ever solo concert since she debuted in 2011, she seemed to be filled with emotions. She said "I was very nervous, but I thankful my fans gave me an unforgettable memory".

By the way, it was notable that Eunji's solo concert was held at a small concert hall. Samsung Hall can accommodate only about 700 audiences. But other idols who are as popular as Eunji usually hold their concerts at a bigger concert hall. For example, Girls' Generation's Taeyeon held her solo concert at the Olympic Hall at Olympic Park in Seoul, while it can accommodate about 4,000 audiences.

Then, why do you think Eunji held her solo concert at a small concert hall? Do you think she's less popular than other famous female idols? Of course not.

First, it is because of the concept of her solo concert. The concert is titled "The Attic", while Eunji explained about her first ever concert, "To me, an attic is a mysterious but warm place because I can draw out my memories from it. So, I wanted to show you my small attic".

At the concert, Eunji communicated with all the fans by reading their stories and singing songs related to the stories, while she couldn't have carried out such a concept if she had not held her concert at a bigger concert hall.

Second, it is because of her position as a solo singer. You know, as a member of Apink, she sang many cheerful and lovely songs, but as a solo singer, she released acoustic and calm songs.

Do you remember IU held her concert at a small concert hall in 2014? Yeah, both of IU and Jung Eunji sing acoustic and calm songs, and what they wanted to do was deliver their voices to their fans better. That's why they held their concerts at small concert halls even though they're two of the most popular female k-pop singers.

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