IU gave a refrigerator filled with bottles of Soju to G-Dragon

IU gave a very special gift to BIGBANG's G-Dragon, who was featured as a rapper in her hit "Palette".

On June 10, IU made a guest appearance in GD's solo concert "G-DRAGON 2017 CONCERT: ACT III, M.O.T.T.E", and the female k-pop singer performed "palette" and "Missing You" with GD. Well, I was there, and the two top class k-pop stars' performance was really really great.

By the way, at the concert, GD excited his fans' curiosity by revealing a story behind his collaboration with IU. Check out what he said.

It's the first time for us to perform "Palette" together. I felt so sorry that I couldn't perform the song with her when the song was released. Actually, I received a special gift in exchange for being featured as a rapper in the song. She gave me a refrigerator filled with bottles of Soju, and she told me to drink all of them before I will join the army. The bottles are wrapped with my facial pictures, haha.

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