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[Exclusive] BTS had to borrow a practice room when the group was a rookie

No doubt, BTS is now the most popular k-pop boy group. BTS has a lot of fans all over the world, while the group has recently won Top Social Artist award at Billboard Music Awards 2017 too. BTS is in its golden days now, and it seems nothing can stop the talented and passionate 7 members.

However, things were totally different in 2013, when BTS was a rookie. You know, BTS is in Bighit entertainment, which is not as big kpop agency as SM, YG, or JYP. When BTS debuted, the 7 members, who are well know for their great passion for music and performance wanted to practice their performance at a big practice room, but they couldn't because Bighit Entertainment didn't have a big one. So, they had no choice but to borrow a practice room of another k-pop agency to make a perfect performance. The picture above shows BTS members practicing in the practice room in 2013.

A person who's worked for the agency, which lent the practice room to BTS said, looking back upon that time, "BTS had to practice at our agency's practice room because they needed a bigger practice room. They stayed awake for several nights to practice, and I remember BTS was a boy group with the strongest energy among all the rookie idol groups".

Of course, Bighit Entertainment has a big practice room now and is giving full support to BTS. And the BTS members still practice really hard, and that's one reason why they could achieve a huge popularity.

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