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A blackmailer who threatened to kill Apink members insists he is a victim

It seems like there are too many crazy people in the world.

On June 20, the blackmailer who threatened to kill Apink members called SBS' "Midnight TV Entertainment" and made a statement about the motive of his crime. You know, he called the police and threatened to kill the Apink members on June 14. More than 5 police officers were immediately sent to Plan A Entertainment's office, while police officers have been positioned around Apink's practice room to protect the members.

Check out what the blackmailer said.

People say I was upset just because the Apink members had a blind date on a reality program. But that's not all. They filmed "We Got Married", they even filmed kissing scenes too. And what I want to say is that they had a blind date with would-be actors. They were right next to Apink members, and they held the members' hands too. They looked so happy. You know, fans can hardly see the members, and it's so hard for me to get a chance to shake hands with the members. Do you think Apink is having a hard time now? No, I'm the one who is having a hard time. Apink members are celebrities, and they earn a lot of money. And they must be dating their boyfriends. I'm suffering from panic disorder, and I can't sleep well. I'm the victim.

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