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"Who am I?" "Taeyeon!" Reasons why Taeyeon's solo concert was so special

The Queen of Live

Are you enjoying my concert? Is it interesting? Are your ears getting fat? Are you eyes becoming bigger? Yes? Great. That's what I intended.

From May 12-24, Girls' Generation's Taeyeon held her solo concert "PERSONA" at the Olympic Hall at Olympic Park in Seoul. The female singer, who is regarded as the best vocalist among k-pop female idols displayed her abilities to the fullest through the concert. She sang a total of 25 songs including "U R", "Rain", "I" and "Why". It's notable that she performed all the tracks of her first full solo album "My Voice", while she also entertained her fans by singing drama OSTs and commercial songs. She showed top class performance, and yeah, she proved again that she is a very competent vocalist.

Well, it was my second time to went to Taeyeon's solo concert (I went to her first solo concert held last year too), and the most impressive thing about her was that she became more confident and relaxed. At the beginning of the concert, she shouted out loudly "Who am I?" in Korean, and fans cried out, "Taeyeon", with a loud voice. The scene was very memorable because, first, I could feel her confidence, second, it was a parody of Ahn Chul Soo, who was a candidate for Korean president, and third, it was the exact message Taeyeon wanted to deliver through the concert.

The Queen of Communication

The reason why Taeyeon's concert is very interesting is not only because she sings very well but also because she really tries to communicate with her fans. You know, at k-pop idols' concert, fans scream for their stars and they sometimes give out questions, but the stars, who are busy performing their songs can't communicate with each and every fan. By the way, Taeyeon, who always shows her deep affection towards her fans tried to give answers to each question from the fans. For example, she said "What? I'm not just a girl of staying home but a princess of staying home? Well, I'm out of character with such a word. What? Goddess? Don't say that, please. And what? Did I really pierce my nose? Oh, please. I’d be too frightened to do that".

She also revealed an interesting episode about ticketing.

My fans always say it's so hard to get tickets for my concert and I should hold my solo concert at a bigger hall. So, before the concert, I myself tried to purchase a concert ticket just like you did on the Internet. The result? I couldn't get it, of course. I thought something was wrong with my cellphone.

A Global Star

You know, Taeyeon is a idol star who is very popular not only among Korean fans but also among foreign fans. Even though Taeyeon's concert was held in Seoul, she tried to express her gratitude to her foreign fans too. As the concert was shown live in Japan, she said hello to her Japanese fans in Japanese language, and she also introduced her Asia tour schedule, raising her fans' expectations.

It's the last day of my Seoul concert, but it's not the end. I'll hold 3 times of concerts in Taiwan next week, and I will visit Thailand too. And in June, I'll hold 2 times of concerts in Hong Kong. I'm so excited now, and I'm really looking forward to the tour.

And at the end of the concert, Taeyeon sent her message to her fans.

I worked really hard to prepare for my second solo concert. I practiced singing and dancing, and I also filmed special video clips. I've been looking forward to meeting you again, and I'm so happy that I can hold my exclusive concert for two years in a row. Thank you for coming to my concert.

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