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Reasons why BTS is not thinking about making an official debut in the U.S

You know, BTS is in its golden days now. The group, who debuted in 2013 has already become one of the most popular k-pop boy groups, and the talented 7 members made new k-pop history by becoming the first ever k-pop idol group who's awarded at the Billboard Music Awards.

By the way, at the press conference held in Seoul on May 29, they said decisively, "We're not thinking about making an official debut in the United States". It absolutely was an unexpected statement because they have many fans in the country, while the country has the biggest music market in the world. They could have so many more opportunities if they debut in the U.S. What do you think? Well, actually, there were two reasons why BTS said they're not thinking about making an official debut in the U.S.

First, to figure out why BTS said they're not thinking about making an official debut in the U.S, we should look into why the boy group became so popular all over the world. As they said before, one reason why they could become popular is because they've been steadily trying to communicate with their global fans online. That's why fans all over the world could feel closer to the members, and the fans, who are familiar with using SNS easily got to know about BTS' music.

I can assure you that BTS is the most friendly k-pop idol group ever, who always thinks about methods of entertaining their fans. That's why I like them. You know, they even hold their FESTA to entertain their fans.

So, think about it. Without making a debut in the U.S, BTS became so popular by using only online platforms. Do you think they must make an official debut in the U.S to become more popular boy group? I don't think so.

Second, BTS has much pride in k-pop. At the press conference held on May 29, they showed their pride and expressed deep respect for their senior k-pop idol groups. Jimin said his heart was filled with pride when he said in Korean at the BBMAs, while Jin said they could win BBMAs Top Social Artist award thanks to many senior idol groups who have introduced k-pop to the whole world.

You might say they just paid lip service, but it's not true. It's unusual for a young k-pop idol group to make such a statement, and everybody who attended the press conference could feel their sincerity. Actually, the BTS members are well known for their good personality among people in the k-pop industry. They always behave humbly, and they treat their elders politely. That's why they're so loved by their senior idol groups. BTS loves k-pop, and the group is proud of being of a k-pop boy group.

So, BTS will sing in Korea and be active in the k-pop world as they've done up till now, instead of making an official debut in the U.S.

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